How do I set my email up on Windows 8?

To set up your MTV email with a Windows 8 device follow the steps outlined below.

Log in to Mail, open the Charms bar and choose Settings.

From the Charms bar, choose Accounts.

Select: Add an account.

Select: Other Account from the list.

Select: Show more details and complete the details as follows

• Email address: Your email address

• Username: Your email address

• Password: The password you entered for your email address

• Incoming (IMAP) email server: mail.xxxxxxxxx .com 

• Port: 143

• Incoming server requires SSL: untick box

• Outgoing (SMTP) email server: mail.xxxxxxxxx .com

PLEASE NOTE: Replace the "xxxxxxxxx" with the name of your email address, for example

• Port: 587. Port numbers are determined by your ISP so if, after setup, you receive a message that mail cannot be sent try with port number 25, 2525, or 2526

• Outgoing server requires SSL: untick

• Outgoing server requires authentication; Tick box

• Use the same username and password to send and receive email: Tick box

Click Connect to continue and your email address is ready to use


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